Sat Jan 06 11:35:59 +0100 2007

Wow, this is the first time someone mentions this page on another blog and I'm already getting tagged.
Thanks Alex.
BTW, i went back the 'tagging-chain' as far as i could and it seems to come from a rather MS-specific scene, wonder why? ;)

I have no idea where this meme comes from, but well, let's play along in this game that interlinks all Blogs on earth and let me tell you 5 things you certainly (no guarantees) didn't know :)

  1. The profession i originally learned was to do stuff with glass, engraving, painting, sandblasting, cutting, lampworking, you name it.
    The School i went for to learn it was Glasfachschule Kramsach. And i still want to try that way some day.

  2. I still learn way too little Japanese.
    Since moving to Japan about a year ago i haven't spent as much time on learning this language as i intended to, mostly because of point 3.
    That really makes me feel bad, since being here gives me so many possibilities and i won't or can't seize them all. There is only so much I can do, but being IRC-addict certainly lowers the time i can devote to other activities.

  3. Procrastination is my greatest inner enemy. It's just so comfortable to say "I'll do it tomorrow, it's going to be (easier/better/faster/more appropiate) by then". However, if you do this everyday stuff never gets done, and if you have this problem in every area of your life you are going to be quite 'laggy'. I'm always fighting it, but the hard part is when you don't even notice that you procrastinate - your brain just finds really good reasons - and that way your tasks never get done (for perfectly valid reasons).
    I try to get more things done and do less explaining of why i do it (things right now on my list: vaccuum the apartment, throw out some garbage, finish this entry, shower!)

  4. I always thought that I'm just weird, now that i got tagged by alex I came across that page for determining personality-profiles.
    I have to say that I'm not going to pay them for testing me, so I just went through their pages and read all profiles and what else they have to say. In the end I figured out that I'm in between two profiles, and since I'm definitely not the best suited person to judge myself, so go and see for yourself: INFP and INTP.
    Who knows, maybe you find something that you didn't even know about yourself.

  5. I have tried polyphasic sleep for around a month (of awaketime) but got thrown off schedule way too often. Now I'm trying to adapt some other forms of this that are more compatible with my usual duties, will keep you updated on this.

Alright, now finding 5 people, this will be fun :)
penpen, chris2, FabianB, gmosx and last but not least, zimbatm

I've been talking and mentioning Ramaze all over the place in the last couple of months, but never did a proper writeup of what my intentions are, and how all that stuff could be of use for you.
Now, here it is, the ultimate reason to try it :)

Ramaze is, in the first place, just a rather low-level web framework without much fuss and magic.
Of course it uses some more advanced techniques, but that is necessary just because of the nature of the subject (The web's a magical place) and it's the natural way one solves problems in ruby (bending space and time).

However, one of the aspects of Ramaze is for me to be a learning-project, so i know what exactly web frameworks are doing internally.
On the other hand, there is is some use for it. This web page for example, but more important, for the whole ruby-community as a place to exchange code.

I'm constantly working on the most basic structures of web frameworks (mostly on Nitro these days), and just wanted something a lot more simple and understandable. Seeing now that the year 2007 is going to be the year of ruby-frameworks (be it web or otherwise), makes it even more important to be able to show people concepts and to have a common ground to discuss them.

Right now, Rails still is the major player in the ruby world when it comes to the web, this is mostly due to its huge community and the constantly accelerating evangelism.
However, when it comes to the source, it is not as understandable to a newcomer as one would wish. It's layers upon layers, the whole mixed up with ActiveSupport which sets rails apart from 'vanilla' ruby. Also, a certain coding-style has developed within the community, that is not always instantly intelligible to the unknowing user.

So, as not to force everybody down one railroad, and due to the loads of other web frameworks (Nitro, Merb, Iowa, Wee, camping and tons of private ones), I'm actively trying to get people thinking about the larger picture, you know, the thing that they all have in common, the web.

Things like implementation and usage-examples of REST, possibilities to overcome cgi.rb (zedas proposed something WSGI-like, a unified testing-framework for web-frameworks (preferably both Test::Unit and RSpec) and lots of other stuff that i will cover here soon.

There is still some way to go until we can claim any of these points as done.

In the meanwhile, stay tuned for updates on this Blog.

Sun Dec 31 01:59:24 +0100 2006

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Sat Dec 30 09:18:04 +0100 2006

This will be my new, more or less, permanent home.
The Page itself is still very much under construction, however it's a real joy to fill in the gaps and improving Ramaze along the way.

What this page is for

Mostly information about myself and the stuff I'm working on.
Quite egocentric, but there is nowhere else (except maybe for IRC) where you can get this information, so I'll just make it a bit more convenient for everybody else.

What you can find here

Well, first and foremost, updates about Ramaze and other little projects that I'm busy with in my free time.
If you don't know yet what Ramaze is, it's my little web framework that is supposed to make the world for other frameworks easier - check out the Projects section and maybe download/try it for yourself.
It's the project I'm most busy with at the moment, wanted to have it online (hosting itself) until 2007, and well, there is not much time left.

So, what next?

Stay tuned, this is just an entry to make sure this Blog is working so far, there is tons of stuff that still has to find its way here, and i'm constantly improving Ramaze while expanding this page. You will most likely find various rantings about all possible stuff here, like on most other blogs, so nothing special :)

Have fun!

© 2007 by Michael 'manveru' Fellinger.