Short description:

I'm mostly a programmer working on every project I like and can spend some time with. Always interested in new ideas and concepts, especially new programming-languages but also testing and personal development, as much as possible I try things i really like and see if they actually improve the way I work.

Programming history:

Used to be a PHP-guy, doing freelancing, but after a couple of years craved for better ways to do things (PHP4 back then, may be different with 5 now) and stumbled upon RoR, although i don't use this framework anymore, it succeeded in showing me the beauty of Ruby and how it can change your life. Shortly after learning it and nitro, I got hired in Japan.

Here I learned about most other great languages out there, improving my knowledge in all directions as I went along. Coming from PHP, I'm mainly into web-stuff, but there are lots of other things that regularly catch my eye.

Currently learning more about SmallTalk, a truly fascinating language.

© 2007 by Michael 'manveru' Fellinger.